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Pilar Gonzalez
Pilar Gonzalez



“dip it”


Pilar Gonzalez stands by her own words from only ten years ago, “If you can dream it up in the kitchen, believe in yourself, you can live your dream!”


She believed in her family recipe, prepared it in her kitchen and the results are in the ‘dip it’.


Pilar is the creator of the yogurt based dip called “dip it” and it’s five flavors: Chipotle, Cilantro, Red Chili, Jalapeño and Olives.


She is the astute businesswoman who has believed in herself all along, knocked on business establishments door’s and began supplying her dip locally.


The 1st place winnings of the Ruby Red Venture in Mission, TX, two years in a row, of $40,000 provided a boost in production, sales and overall confidence. It allowed her to reach higher. It’s H-E-B’s 2nd grand prize winning that has provided the opportunity to begin mass production in a commercial kitchen and distribute “dip it” on H-E-B shelves in over 102 stores across Texas in 2015 and increased to 102 stores in 2017.


You will soon find ‘Yogourmet’ on your shelves as the newest brand hits the shelves at Spec’s Wines Spirits and Finer Foods in 2017. We continue to grow and it’s a wonderful moment to share our success with our customers and our biggest supporters, our suppliers. Pilar begins her mornings early to begin production, but her success is due to hard work and that success is best when it is shared. Pilar finds the time to give back to her community and travels sharing her story to encourage anyone who has a dream to chase it and make it become reality.



Pilar’s creativity extends far beyond the kitchen. She is an Emmy Award winner following a successful career at the national level in the radio and television industry, including ABC, Univision, and Telemundo. Currently She is working as Anchor Women for KRGV Channel 5 Weekend News Cast

Product Information

Habibi Gourmet, LLC BDA DIP-IT takes pride in distinguishing itself from other dips as the quality and taste are unsurpassed. The products are 100% natural and have a variety of flavors and textures. DIP-IT offers customers with five different dips to choose from including chipotle, cilantro, jalapeño, piquín, green olives. The product “dip it”, a yogurt-based dip with a fresh and healthy twist has received incredible recognition in the Rio Grande Valley. Ingredients are 100% Natural / No Preservatives / Yogurt Based

5 unique flavors

Each flavor is characterized by its specialty:

  • Cilantro: fresh – can be used as a base for a salad dressing, fish, chicken and pasta
  • Jalapeño, Chipotle, Red Chili: spicy – perfect for burgers, toast, pasta and seafood, among other foods
  • Olives: gourmet – perfect for a Mediterranean meal or fish

Meal Flavorings

A fresh tasting product that can be used as a base to create gourmet dishes for salad dressings, fish, chicken, pasta, burgers, toast, seafood and Mediterranean dishes. In addition, the dips have multiple uses and can be combined to create gourmet dishes with minimum effort. Furthermore, the product can served as salad dressing, sauces for gourmet pastas, fish, shrimp, and chicken, cream replacement, or simply as a dip to accompany potatoes and vegetables, and can be can be combined with crackers, tortilla chips and bread.