About DIP it

Pilar Gonzalez
Pilar Gonzalez

The business is owned and operated by Ms. Pilar Gonzalez, a food connoisseur, with a vast amount of knowledge in food preparation and marketing. Ms. Gonzalez is an Emmy award winner with a successful career in the radio and television (ABC, Univision and Telemundo at national level) industry. She began her career as the Promotions Director for Radio Unica, the largest Spanish station in the United States. Later on, she was promoted to General Manager. In this position, she created several marketing campaigns that were used at national level.

In the area of television, Ms. Gonzalez was a producer for a talk show in Telemundo at National level (El Show de Sevcec). Furthermore, she also worked for Univision Network in Miami, Florida (Despierta America). When she relocated to the Valley she held the position of the news Director for Telemundo in McAllen.

When Ms. Gonzalez decided to retire from the media, she followed her cooking passion and decided to open a restaurant. She owned two restaurants, one in San Antonio, and one in Mission, Texas, both restaurants were very successful. While operating the restaurant in Mission, Texas, Ms. Gonzalez started manufacturing the dips and it was such a success that she decided to focus on the production of the dips.

Ms. Gonzalez is a is two times recipient of the Ruby Red Ventures,a Mission Economic Development Corporation and the Mission City Council Initiative, www.rubyredventures.com, a small business fund that aims to nurture entrepreneurial spirit and promote the creation of innovative business in the City of Mission

Ms. Gonzalez was also awarded a second place winner in H-E-B's Primo Picks: Quest for Texas Best Award . www.HEBprimopick.com
The Quest for Texas Best competition is a project of H-E-B Primo Picks, a 2-year old statewide program. H-E-B Primo Picks invites customers to enjoy products that are unique, delicious and possibly new to their palates. Primo Picks selections represent the best of what is in stores.

Gonzalez also won the consideration for coveted space on H-E-B shelves in 2015.

Product Information

Habibi Gourmet, LLC BDA DIP-IT takes pride in distinguishing itself from other dips as the quality and taste are unsurpassed. The products are 100% natural and have a variety of flavors and textures. DIP-IT offers customers with five different dips to choose from including chipotle, cilantro, jalapeño, piquín, green olives. The product “dip it”, a yogurt-based dip with a fresh and healthy twist has received incredible recognition in the Rio Grande Valley. Ingredients are 100% Natural / No Preservatives / Yogurt Based

5 unique flavors

Each flavor is characterized by its specialty:

  • Cilantro: fresh – can be used as a base for a salad dressing, fish, chicken and pasta
  • Jalapeño, Chipotle, Piquín: spicy – perfect for burgers, toast, pasta and seafood, among other foods
  • Green Olive: gourmet – perfect for a Mediterranean meal or fish

Meal Flavorings

A fresh tasting product that can be used as a base to create gourmet dishes for salad dressings, fish, chicken, pasta, burgers, toast, seafood and Mediterranean dishes. In addition, the dips have multiple uses and can be combined to create gourmet dishes with minimum effort. Furthermore, the product can served as salad dressing, sauces for gourmet pastas, fish, shrimp, and chicken, cream replacement, or simply as a dip to accompany potatoes and vegetables, and can be can be combined with crackers, tortilla chips and bread.